This is a website for exchanging skills and resources through trading, or bartering. Create an account or log-in below. Scroll down to read more about how the site works.
(1) Create an account

(2) Add skills and resources to your profile. Skills are intangible things, like graphic design skills, or cooking, and resources are tangible, like tools or art supplies. Try to complete your profile as thoroughly as possible so that you will show up when people search for the skills/resources that you have.

(3) Start searching for skills and resources that you need!

(4) When you find someone who has what you want, you can message them to find out more information, or you can choose to go ahead and create an exchange with them. You will choose what you want to trade, and both parties will have to agree on the trade.

(5) Complete the trade, mark as completed, and review your trading partner.

Please send us any feedback or questions as this is a new site. Email us for questions, concerns, ideas, or feedback about our site as this is a newly launched project.